For more than twenty years at your service

We have been designing and producing genuine natural leather goods for you since 1999, when the company Arwel, s.r.o. was established.

Our products are particularly favored by customers such as wholesalers, leather goods stores, boutiques, e-shops, printing houses, or advertising agencies to whom we supply our merchandise with their clients' logos embossed on them.

Join our customers who have most favored the following from our assortment:

  • Women's wallets and handbags,
  • Women's backpacks,
  • Men's briefcases, bags, and wallets,
  • Men's document cases,
  • Waitstaff wallets and pouches,
  • Cosmetic cases,
  • Keychains.

We have a wide range of materials at our disposal and always select the most suitable leather for each product. For instance, wallets are crafted from soft leathers that are pleasant to the touch and offer the possibility of creating a variety of interesting designs. On the other hand, items like briefcases are made from firmer leathers, ensuring their strength and longevity.

Quality natural leather remains the most popular material across all age groups of customers. Genuine leather products are pleasing to the touch, possess their unique appearance, as well as durability and longevity. You will surely find something from our broad selection, so don't hesitate and give our leather a try!

For us, it's literally "Taking leather to the market," and we've been doing so for more than 20 years :-)

The ARWEL Team, s.r.o.