Genuine leather is a traditional material in the garment industry that has accompanied humanity since its earliest existence. Products made from genuine leather have a long lifespan, high durability, and a prestigious appearance. Its popularity has lasted for hundreds of years, and there is no indication that this trend will change.

Textile and chemical production have developed a range of technologies in recent decades that allow for the production of synthetic leather products with similar mechanical and physical properties. However, it remains true that genuine leather has better properties than synthetic leather. This is due, among other factors, to evolutionary selection that took place over millions of years during the development of animal hides, as well as the millennia-long tradition of human processing of leather (the oldest evidence dates back to ancient Egypt, around 3000 BCE).

We use various types of leather materials in the production of leather goods. These include specially processed natural leathers designed to achieve exceptional properties. The most commonly used types of natural leather finishes are:


For crossword puzzle enthusiasts, Napa is known as glove leather. It is processed using techniques employed in glove manufacturing. It is characterized by its softness, smoothness, and pleasant feel. We primarily use Napa for women's wallets, men's wallets, document holders, dollar wallets, cases, and keychains. This material can emphasize these features even on a relatively small surface area of the product.


NDM is a natural material with the same properties as Napa, including softness, smoothness, and a pleasant feel. The only slight difference is in the surface treatment. It is used for larger leather goods such as briefcases, portfolios, writing pads, handbags, backpacks, cases, and waist bags.


PDM is a natural material known for its high resistance to abrasion and bending stress. It has a slightly rougher feel than Napa and is mainly used for waiter's wallets, men's wallets, and document holders.


Crunch is a high-quality natural material that features a fashionable "double effect," highlighting the leather's structure and authenticity with a dual-color effect. It is used for women's and men's wallets and briefcases.


Savage is a natural material with a finely buffed surface, characterized by exceptional softness and a pleasant suede-like feel. We use it for women's and men's wallets, crown wallets, document holders, pouches, and handbags.


Shoulder is a firmer-pressed fashionable natural material with an irregular exclusive print that accentuates the natural leather's authenticity. We manufacture women's and men's wallets, crown wallets, document holders, and dollar wallets from this material.


Hunter is a finely buffed fashionable natural material with a deer or suede-like appearance. We use this leather to produce women's and men's wallets, document holders, and keychains.


Shrunken is a firmer natural material with a modern design, characterized by a richly textured surface. We primarily use it for the production of wallets.


Glossy Buff DD is a luxurious natural buffalo leather with a fashionable velvety gloss. We use this material for the production of women's wallets.


Bamboo is a luxurious natural bovine leather with a highly fashionable design. The unidirectionally structured surface of the leather is pleasant to the touch. We use it for smaller products such as wallets or parts of larger items.


Jeans is a finely buffed natural material created using a technology that gives the leather a timeless denim appearance. It can be used for various types of products.


Cow Calf Napa is Napa leather made from calf skin. It is a highly luxurious material with exceptional softness.


Chequer is a modern natural material with a regular print covering the entire surface. It is used for wallets and smaller leather goods.